What to expect from a social media marketer

A social media business marketer should…

  • Understand the operations, features, cultural climate, and etiquettes of the current top social media sites, including the time demands and mechanics of creating and maintaining relevant communications on each social site.
  • Be an experienced marketer who understands the value of integrating social media with your business objectives and overall marketing plan. Without a cohesive strategy, your marketing efforts are not performing efficiently.
  • Verify and periodically review WHICH social media platforms would be most effective for your brand to be participating in. Just because Facebook has the most USERS right now, is that where you really need to spend most of your social media marketing efforts?
  • Test other social media sites. Effective social media marketing involves investigating the social realm to ensure which of the top social media sites your customers and prospects are using. By eliminating those that are not feasible, your best efforts can be spent on social media  sites where relevant conversations are occurring about your brand.
  • Be attuned to shifts in different social media spheres. When shifts that would impact your industry occur, a competent social media marketer would recommend and implement any modifications to your social media marketing strategy.
  • Work with you to develop a triage plan for any crisis management that will occur (and they eventually will). By planning ahead, the person maintaining your social media posts can react prudently to negative comments left by customers. With a triage plan in place, critical posts can be forwarded to the best person to respond. It’s crucial to handle these quickly and with respect and sensitivity.

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Cathy Dunham
Web Marketing and SEO/Social Media Strategist
K-Kom Inc,


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